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About the Creator

My name is Julia Elaine Smith & I live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, of Northern California. The mountains have been home to me for 12 years now. My husband and I have a great love for nature and outdoor living. Self proclaimed nature lovers, we take time for mother nature any chance we can. Just enjoying this wild ride we call life while we can. 
I have had a passion for art of any kind since I was a child, whether it was painting, drawing, sculpting, photography or any other way to express what I was feeling. At the age of 26 I desperately wanted to find a new way of using my creativity, while being able incorporate Mother Nature's magic into wearable art. In 2015 I found a very unconventional artform called wire wrapping, a form of making jewelry out of weaving wires together without the use of any heat (As I am an Earth sign who is cautious of fire). I discovered tutorials online and absorbed as much knowledge in this craft as I could. After years of practice I have adopted my own unique style and designs. Wire art has become part of who I am. I found a new way to express myself while helping others, while sharing nature's treasures with the world.

 Thank you for visiting. I greatly appreciate all the support that has been given since the beginning 🙏